Our Process


How are you conducting IR today? An assessment of your resources and strategy for approaching your key investors.


Creating a story and a message that conveys what is most important to you and your investors, in a format that suits each audience.


Detailed preparation of your message for each meeting including investor research, materials prep and advance outreach.


Rehearsing the delivery of your message, with an intensity directly proportional to the complexity of the story.


Communications Strategies

Development of an approach to investors that is appropriate, meaningful, relevant and professional. With built-in flexibility, the strategy can adapt to the inevitable fluctuations in the economy and markets. A good story told poorly will seldom resonate, but a poor story told well may get the benefit of the doubt.

Investor Analysis

Identification and outreach to Core investors for stability and long-term support of the company's objectives; communication with shorter-term holders for liquidity. Core Investors that know the company well provide resilience in the most difficult times.

Interpretative Services

Adaptation of reports, releases and statements for the English-speaking markets. Going beyond simple translation to understanding and incorporating different cultural and regulatory standards. Differences in language, culture, geography and traditions can prove more troublesome than a bad set of numbers.

Personal Coaching

Individual and group training sessions for IR Officers, Senior Executives and Board Members confronting challenges in their company messaging. Even the most experienced executive needs to focus on what his audience is really asking, and be prepared to answer the most difficult questions.

Crisis Management

How a company deals with the unexpected says a lot about the thoroughness of their preparation and their abilities to anticipate. Timely responses to key investors can prevent further damage to the stock price. Preparation for worst case events and acknowledgement of the issues when they occur can pay enormous dividends.

Contact Information

Communication is a two-way affair. If you contact me, I will respond as soon as possible to your needs. I appreciate your interest and will respond in kind.