Valor IR Consulting Events Timeline

Feel free to check out our timeline to see our various speeches, conferences, and other events from all around the world.

  • "Alignments of Interest"

    Panel discussion about the shifts in Alignment between corporate constituents; the impact on short- and long-term outlooks; contribution to inequality in pay; reactions from active and passive investors; the context of corporate governance

  • "Tailoring your Message for Maximum Investor Interest"

    Homework; CEO's as IR Representatives; Messaging; Websites; ESG; Presentations; Reg FD; MiFID II.

  • "Investor Relations from the Investor Perspective"

    Video participation with Conference delegates: Initial analysis; Sell-side input; Management participation; MiFID II; the "Ideal" Meeting; preparation; investment process; feedback; the value of the Story.

  • "IR Communications - Not as Easy as it Looks"

    Communications when problems arise - who, what, how? Art & science of investing; essential contacts; value of CEO on an IR team; greater value of enabled IROs.

  • "What are Your Shareholders Thinking, and How Should You Respond"

    Update on issues on US investors' minds and suggested responses for IR teams, including politics, trade, regulations, research, return expectations, compensation, activism.

  • "Connecting with your Institutional Investors"

    Objectives, Preparation, Relationship Development

  • "What are Your Shareholders Thinking & How Should You Respond?"

    Performance vs. Returns; Communications vs. Noise; Governance vs. Risk; Capital; Caution; Activism; Compensation

  • "Developing Resilient Core Relationships"

    IR Objectives; Challenges; Preparation; Valor Services; Investor Issues; Principles;

  • "Connecting with your Institutional Investors"

    Meeting Management & Developing Core Relationships

  • "The IR Communication Handbook - a Checklist"

    A handbook designed to help the IR team looking to understand what is expected of them by their institutional investors. Covering expectations, the duality of communications, preparation and pro-activity, this is a brief, relevant handbook for first-class communications

  • "Foreign Companies & Competition for Investment Capital"

    Foreign companies looking to understand Western investors; the need to be corporate citizens to attract Western capital; corporate governance; communications; a steep learning curve.

  • Key Trends in Corporate Governance

    Panel discussion covering Executive Roles, Board Independence, Board qualifications, Proxy voting, Investor expectations.

  • "The Sixty Minute Meeting"

    IR Team Objectives; Relationship Development; Preparation, Pitches and Execution; Follow-up Activities

  • "Connecting with your Institutional Investors"

    Objectives; Connections; Preparation; Problems; the Perfect Pitch; Core Relationships, Resilience

  • "The Sixty Minute Meeting"

    Objectives; Preparation; Execution & Follow-Up

  • "Philosophy & Services"

    Description of Valor IRC Philosophy, IR Challenges, Services and Solutions.

  • "Maximizing your Investor Outreach Strategy"

    Speech, panel discussion and break-out session with Taiwanese clients on 1-on-1 meeting effectiveness, expectations, preparation and pitfalls

  • "Making the most of your One-on-One Meeting"

    Expectations; Fulfillment; Audience Awareness; Classic Mistakes; Materials preparation

  • "Japan's Corporate Governance & Stewardship Codes"

    Analysis of the new Codes introduced in Japan; required response from corporates and investors; Valor's Code=specific services.

  • Launch of Valor IR Consulting LLC

    The official start of Valor IR Consulting's new business, looking to facilitate communication between foreign, listed companies and their English-speaking institutional investors.